Fellow beach trancers,

A Summer full-moon night connected with Culture,
Music & Art, Fire, Sand & Water!
Let’s take a trip together to Wonderland.
Dive into the Sea of ​​psychedelic Sounds and Color yourself with Music.
High tempo beats and throbbing bass lines !!
Wich, or course we would like to share
with the most loving family we have!
Come down and celebrate life as only we can
at the most exclusive Beach party this year
Just make sure you have an immersive Fullmoon beach experience.
The 21 Years Shut Up & Dance celebration Proudly Presents
Saturday 6 July 2024 at The Fullmoonfestival 2023

Tickets: www.chipta.com/nl/tickets/event/67565/the-fullmoonfestival-2024/event-info/