A Casa Bruti Session by Dramtune featuring LOOPIE ROOTS, a duo from Lazio and Abruzzo in central Italy, who are touring around the north of Europe.

It will be an enchanting, psychedelicate and eccentric journey through a variety of musical landscapes and cultures, from traditional Italian and Eastern-European Folk, to deepfried Afro-American Blues and self-written songs and tunes with Oriental influences from Turkey, the Middle-East and other parts of the Mediterranean.

Also the number and the diversity of instruments are reflecting the free spirit of their music and their philosophy.

ELENA D’ASCENZO(Abruzzo): vocals, guitar, percussion, synthesizer, Esraj
FABIO PORRONI(Lazio): vocals, 5-string electric violin, percussion, acustic guitar, bass guitar, live looping, accordion and Saz.

With €30 you can enjoy this beautiful musical journey including Antipasti, Brutiful Pasta and coffee/tea with topclass italian Gelato and a Limoncello, Whisky or Grappa.
You can make a reservation via sbruti@yahoo.com

17.30H All welcome
18.00H Antipasti on your table
18.30H First music set
19.15H Brutiful Pasta
19.45H Second set
20.30H Coffee-break with Gelato and a dram
21.00H Final set

Casa Bruti
Haarlemsestraat 20
2587 RA Scheveningen
The Hague NL