The war divided the life of every Ukrainian into “before” and “after” and forced to search for new dreams, new goals, new meanings. After all, it is they who keep us – meaning, inspire and give strength to go forward – to victory.

I found my new meanings in this new reality of today, and embodied them in the songs of the new album.

We will sing together new songs that became hits insanely quickly: “Riznokolorova”, “Thoughts”, “Dripping”, “In your soul”, “So that it was not”, “Whatsapp”

“For the first time, it will not be a bright loud show, but a very special atmospheric performance. Let’s come together to support each other and help those who need help.”
Since the beginning of the war, DOROFEEVA has been active in social activities: performing charity concerts in many European countries, joining social initiatives and creating charity projects, supporting Ukrainian refugees around the world, popularizing Ukrainian culture and drawing attention to the importance of preserving Ukrainian cultural heritage. On the Senses tour, the artist is raising funds for the Superhumans project – a Ukrainian medical center for people injured in the war, which specializes in prosthetics, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery and the treatment of post-traumatic disorders.

Concert starts on 20:00