Workshops and lessons by the maestros

Three days with 16 workshops by renowned maestros and 3 evenings of dancing on the pier with live music by most acclaimed Argentinian orchestras.

This unique festival organized by Passion by Spinosa is a gift to the Dutch tango community and to every Dutch tango dancer personally: it brings Argentine culture within the reach of every tango dancer. The organization strives for perfection by creating an environment in which guests, maestros and musicians will feel at home. The location is also inspiring: above the waves of the North Sea.
Argentine tango is a dance to share. The tango has its own language with which dancers, regardless of origin or status, can communicate during new encounters. It is a language that does not need words but is shared through music, with the body and improvised movements to tell a story together.

The Scheveningen pier will be the location for three full days of workshops from experienced maestros, and evening milongas with live music from vibrant tango orchestras and music from esteemed DJs. If you want to experience this unique festival, you are welcome: register and come enjoy dance and music!

Workshops and lessons by the maestros:
Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Piñero (ARG), Agustina Piaggio & Carlitos Espinoza (ARG/CL), Bruna Estellita & Julian Sanchez (ARG), Manuela Rossi & Juan Malizia (ARG) and Mirella & Carlos Santos David (NL).

Every evening milonga from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Live music every evening with international orchestras:
La Juan D’Arienzo orchestra (ARG) and Sonder Tango orchestra (ARG).
DJs: Richard Frisart (NL), Fortuna del Prete (IT) and El Huracan (BE)

Additional price information
Full milonga pass ( € 15,00 discount)

The festival has a 3 days duration with workshops and lessons during each afternoon Friday 7 June , Saturday 8 June and Sunday 9 June
Every evening, there is a milonga (tango social dancing) from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM with live music by orchestras from Argentina.