Paardcafé - The King’s Parade + Rachman

Zaterdag 20 april 18:00


Since the formation of The King’s Parade in 2015, the four-piece’s assured touch of classic Detroit blues with melodic, crossover pop has the band evoking the crafted sounds of The Black Keys, Michael Kiwanuka and Alabama Shakes.

After releasing their debut EP ‘Vagabond’, the band have picked up critical acclaim across CLASH, NOTION and EARMILK. Their follow up EP ‘Haze’ further solidified their reputation with tracks such as ‘Haze’ and ‘Mother Tongue’ being championed by the likes of THE INDEPENDENT and WONDERLAND.

The King’s Parade continue to refine a new soul blueprint that’s seeing a loyal and expectant fanbase grow by the day, cementing their status as one of the most naturally talented and hustling young acts this year.

Since 2012 Rachman can be found at local open mic sessions around The Hague. Especially cafe de Bieb is one of those places that provide a spot for local and upcoming talents like Rachman.

Rachman’s music is a blend of folk guitarplay, with a soulful voice that will tell you deep and beautiful stories. This added with funky grooves and bluesy guitar riffs makes Rachman stand out at the local music scene.

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