BEZ OBMEZHEN’ is a Ukrainian band, the guys gather thousands of people in the halls and have millions of listens on various music platforms. Their artwork is the embodiment of the worldview of Ukrainians—brave, sensual, and invincible. The lust for freedom beats in their music, and the glory of Ukraine spreads with their songs!

BEZ OBMEZHEN’ is loved for its high-quality Ukrainian music, frankness, and civic stance. Since the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the boys have been volunteering and holding concerts in front of soldiers and residents of cities liberated from occupation.

The band’s concerts have acquired a new meaning: it is a call to not remain silent, it is a dedication to Heroes who defend justice. Not only is every ticket purchase a donation aimed at support of the Ukrainian military, but also a contribution to the VICTORY OF UKRAINE!
On May 10, your favorite and the new songs will be played: «Зорі запалали», «Героям», «Без неї ніяк», «Листопад», «Вільні люди» and others.

We promise you a powerful atmosphere, see you soon!
Start 20:00