WeHague Eats at: Yuzu!

13 February 2020 - 16:32

New in The Hague: Yuzu!

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I was allowed to choose where I wanted to eat: Yuzu!
Yuzu is a Japanese street food restaurant on the Bierkade and has been open since the summer. I already saw several photos of friends on Instagram, so I knew: I have to go here for my birthday!

Today’s the day!

I had been looking forward to this evening all week. We got off at the Bierkade stop where many trams stop and walked towards Bierkade 6 (address of Yuzu). We were warmly welcomed and my friend was already delighted, his favorite rapper MF Doom played softly in the background: "He could spend the entire evening here".

Fortunately, because he is usually somewhat suspicious when it comes to instagrammable restaurants. But I knew he would like it: he is crazy about Japan and together it is our dream to go there again.

Imagine yourself in Tokyo with Yuzu

And at Yuzu it felt like we were in Tokyo. The decor is modern, but it has the quiet vibe of a Japanese Izakaya restaurant. Even on the ground it looked like you were standing at a Japanese metro station: gray concrete with yellow lines.

Bar view

The bar and open kitchen were also very impressive, but the toilets were really phenomenal. Now I hear you think how can a toilet be phenomenal ?! Well the toilets were inspired by a subway station in Tokyo including subway map and road sign.

Uitzicht vanaf het toilet

Small dishes are the best

Yuzu's concept is that you order small dishes to share with each other. We were advised to order 2 dishes per person per round. On average you pay 5 to 15 euros per dish. We went for quite extensive, because we actually wanted to try everything and were very fans of all the snacks. But make it as crazy as you want: crazy cocktails can be ordered, but also a Japanese cup of tea is fine.

Let the games begin

We were already hungry and started Edamame beans with a spicy sauce. As a first round we ordered the salmon tartar, smoked mackerel and gyoza. Both very fine and fresh in taste. Not too heavy and very tasty.

De Gyoza

For round 2 we went to the slightly heavier dishes such as the duck breast, mushrooms and mixed vegetables. The mushrooms were very earthy in taste and not like you would normally order your mushrooms at a Sumo or a Shabu Shabu.


We doubted whether we wanted to do round 3 or wanted a dessert, but were still very curious about the rest of the menu. So instead of the dessert we opted for fried tofu and Black Pollock.

Full belly and an empty wallet

Because we went for a special occasion, we actually ordered everything we wanted to eat. Fortunately, the concept is set up in such a way that you can easily determine for yourself how crazy you want to make it. So definitely recommended if you want to try something new and have something to celebrate. Since we had eaten quite a lot, we skipped the dessert, so we will definitely come back! Together we walked around the city for a while and then we went home satisfied.

Written by: Marijke Wijnands

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