Movies that Matter On Tour

3 April 2019 - 16:02

Movies that Matter On Tour 

Movies that matter is a Festival that aims to show real movies. From October until May 17 Dutch cities host a one-off screening of the festival favorites. What makes it even more special is the chance you have to have Q&A’s with inspiring guests!

This festival is incredible because these movies goes beyond just having fun and are an open space for meaningful conversation. The team WeHague went to series of movies and so far we can say that they truly do matter. 


The first movie I watched was Goldie. When it started I was almost sure about what would happen next. I thought it would be the typical story of a poor girl from the suburbs living the Hollywood dream and becoming successful. Was I wrong? Probably I was, but I would never give you that spoiler. What can I say is that this movie truly surprised me.

It goes far from the clichés you are used to see in most part of the movies. Goldie is a girl that dreams just like me and you, but her reality is completely different from what you are used to see here in The Netherlands. There’s one thing I can definitely say about her, she’s an empowered woman and she knows exactly what she likes and wants.

When you are in complex situations the line between what is right or wrong can be really thin. Would you leave your sisters at a children's shelter? Would you sell drugs to survive? What would you do to become a superstar? These are the questions that Goldie had to answer when she just turned 18. Would you be able to answer the same too? 

The movie will only be available at cinemas in September, but if you want to see a little bit more of it you can check the video we recorded during the day we watched it. 

The miseducation of Cameron Post

The second movie I watched was as special as the first one. If the first would talk about a girl fighting to survive in a world without opportunities, the second one would talk about a topic that I can relate two hundred percent, homophobia. 

The year was 1993 and Cameron was forced to a gay conversion therapy center by her guardians. I do have one opinion, everyone should watch this movie. Being gay or straight, cis-gender or trans, because It opens an important conversation about what is right or wrong. What happened and still happens with the LGBTQ+ community is something really serious and should never be forgotten. 

In 1993 was alright to do all of these things with a teenager like Cameron, being gay was even considered a sickness back then. But this movie shows that even though Cameron had to deal with all these situations, she was still a strong woman and she knew exactly what she wanted to do. 


Both movies had strong women in the lead and they talked about things that we should be talking in our daily bases. Movies that matter is a festival that should be visited by everyone. Unfortunately it only happened from 22 - 30 March 2019. However, you still have 16 other cities to visit and they even have an app where you can watch movies that matter at home. 

My advice for you? Go to movies that matter! Even more important, do things that matter. 

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