Tong Tong Fair

Saturday 30 May 10:00

Jazz, Culinary, Festival, Ballet

Tong Tong Fair is the biggest Eurasian festival in the world, held every year in The Hague. The event is a pleasurable combination of a cultural festival, a fair and a culinary fest, in an archipelago of tents. Tong Tong Fair converts The Netherlands' Dutch East Indies legacy into a kaleidoscopic cross-over of Eastern and Western performing arts, with a strongly international programme: the Tong Tong Festival.

With hundreds of performances, the Tong Tong Festival offers the best mix of east and west in an broad programme filled with music, dance, literature and theatre. Many of the exhibitors at the Tong Tong Fair come all the way from Indonesia especially for the event; a growing number come from Vietnam and Malaysia. Smell the exotic spices, leaf through the pages of unusual cookery books, taste the sate kambing and listen to the peaceful sounds of the Javanese orchestra or the beautiful Kroncong music. So, if you don't have the time or money to travel all the way to Southeast Asia, come to the Tong Tong Fair in The Hague and imagine that you are in the East.

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