Bazinga Comedy Club

Saturday 30 May 18:30


Visit live stand-up comedy shows every Friday and Saturday in the new comedy club in Dudok The Hague. You can visit the new Bazinga Comedy Club every weekend for your laughs. Every weekend there are several professional and talented comedians from the Netherlands and abroad. Expect English and Dutch spoken comedy shows.

Said el Hassnaoui, also known as WestSaid, is the founder of the new comedy club. Said is a comedian who makes you laugh when he enters the stage. He wraps the audience with fun anecdotes about himself and with his high energy he easily captivates the audience.

With AOT Events, Said has been organizing successful stand-up comedy shows throughout the Netherlands for many years. The last two seasons also in The Hague. "After Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam, a city like The Hague cannot stay behind and that is why you can visit the Bazinga Comedy Club in Dudok every Friday and Saturday night from 6 September. Our regular club location is located in a separate room in Dudok (Studio) in The Hague. Upon entering, you walk all the way back to enter Dudok Studio. Located in the bussy city center of The Hague opposite the courtyard."

Bazinga Comedy Club organizes professional shows and open mic's. Expect an English-speaking evening every Friday and a Dutch-speaking one every Saturday. The ticket price is different per evening and from 8,79 euros (including service costs) in the presale and more expensive at the door.

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