Bites & Stories - Wine Tour The Hague

Thursday 26 November 17:00

Walking Tours

This wine tour is specially designed for either groups between 6 to 20 people! Your new local friend will take you on a 1,5 hour tour through the old city centre of Den Haag, sharing our favourite stories about our city. The stories are history related and above all about daily life and culture of Den Haag and the Netherlands.

After the guided walk through the beautiful town you will be introduced to the favourite wine restaurant Nomadz. Here you will meet Ralf and Paula. Both born and raised in Brasil, have Italian and German ancestors and they started restaurants all over the world. This nomadic lifestyle led them eventually to the Netherlands.

Ralf is the perfect host and knows which wines go perfect with the delicious food his wife Paula serves, very very yummy food.

At Nomads you will enjoy a 2,5 hour wine tasting of 5 unique wines alongside delicious bites while Ralf and Paula tell you the stories behind the selection the paired wines & bites.

This Wine Tour includes:

  • First a 1,5 hour guided tour alongside both the highlights of the old city centre and hidden areas
  • A unique perspective on Den Haag by one of your new local friends
  • An exclusive introduction to our favourite winerestaurant Nomadz
  • Secondly a 2,5 hour wine tasting of 5 unique wines paired with delicious bites
  • Many stories about The Hague, wine history and more

The story behind Bites & Stories
Bites & Stories is Kerensa, a young entrepeneur from The Hague. Kerensa is a social butterfly at heart with great love for the arts and cultures of this world. Her mind is a maze of plans, business idea's and fairy tale quotes of which she loves to share with anyone around her. She is a real chatter box but can be silenced with her favorite bites. Like you, she loves eating delicious food. And she believes it is the best way to discover a city. Who are we to disagree with this charming lady?


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